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Computers can bring you problems, headaches and a never-ending strain on your company's budget. Are you having technical issues that seem to never go away? Maybe your current solution to IT Services is dragging on and on with the same projects - day after day?

Read below to find out how Network Velocity's IT Support Services can quickly and affordably remove the hassle and burden that computers, networks and servers can put you through! We offer this service to all cities within San Diego County and surrounding metros.

Most Businesses have three (3) primary service needs when it comes to solving computer and technology problems:

  • Helpdesk
    A first responder who quickly solves simple problems like "I can't print to our networked printer!" or "Can you setup a new computer on the network for me?"
  • System Engineer
    A diverse technical skill set with 5+ years of experience. Provides support for business-class servers, securing your network from viruses and hackers, and deploying a complete line of business software and applications.
  • CIO (Chief Information Officer)
    A technology visionary for your company. Someone who understands where your specific business is headed and how technology can enhance operational efficiencies by steering you in the right direction.

According to Salary.com the average base salary for a Level I Computer Network Administrator in San Diego is $50,956 per year. However, given the table below the true cost is closer to $73,031 - in some cases even higher.

Benefit Median Amount % of Total
Base Salary $50,956 69.8%
Bonuses $850 1.2%
Social Security $3,963 5.4%
401k / 403b $1,865 2.6%
Disability $518 0.7%
Healthcare $5,722 7.8%
Pension $2,383 3.3%
Time Off $6,775 9.3%
Total: $73,031 100%

The $73,031 listed above does not include on-going technical training or provide Network Monitoring, Inventory Tracking and Issue Resolution software. Most of these services are offered by other San Diego IT Service providers at nearly the same cost as hiring an in-house staff. But there is a better option...

Network Velocity's Flat Rate IT Support Services Solution solves those problems for you - reliably, efficiently, and for a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time internal employee.

For much less than the cost of hiring that one employee, we provide:

  • A complete, business class IT Outsourcing solution
  • Simple, turn-key and ready to start right now!
  • Fully Redundant IT Department - Never on vacation!
  • Includes all of the expected core skills, advanced skills and on-going technical know how
  • PLUS comprehensive IT Management software that provides monthly reports of exactly what we're providing! You will now know 100% of what your IT budget is being spent on.
  • Our 100% Guaranteed - "Less Headaches" Policy!

Let Network Velocity be your choice for IT Support Outsourcing. It's super easy to find out more information on how to get started.

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