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Virtualization is changing the Information Technology landscape. As a business owner, the critical concepts to grasp regarding virtualization are:

  • Virtualization increases utilization of hardware, resulting in lower cost
  • Increased utilization result in Server consolidation and lower costs for cooling/power/warranty
  • Virtual Servers are easier to support and recover resulting in lower costs

How is this possible? Today's Server hardware typically runs at less than 10% utilization. Two moderately priced Servers can comfortably run a dozen or more Virtual Servers with no noticeable performance impact. That's a 6 to 1 savings in hardware alone!

If saving money and increasing the resiliency of your infrastructure sounds good, contact us now! For those interested in a further definition of a Virtual Server, read on!

To explain the concept of a Virtual Server let's use a simple analogy: the answering machine. Remember when you had an answering machine that sat next to your phone? Then one day your answering machine became part of your phone service. The phone company did not have a bank of answering machines at their location waiting for phone calls, the answering machine became virtual, or put in other words, ran as an application in software. The same idea is being applied to Servers.

Virtual Servers are just like regular Servers, but like your missing answering machines, Virtual Servers run in software! Virtual Servers are easier to manage and result in lower cost!

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